Driven by people, not profits.

What's Modo?

Carsharing starting at $4/hour. With Modo, you get all the benefits of having a car, without all the hassles of owning one (or two). Our rates include gas, insurance, maintenance and parking privileges. Simply pick up a Modo and return it at the same location for your round trip, with two return options to choose from.
Drive what you want, when you want. Share 700 cars, SUVs, trucks, mini vans, hybrid and EVs – across the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, and the Okanagan. Book a year in advance or on the fly, and access live 24/7 member service.
Driven by people, not profits. Modo is your only local member-owned carshare service. Modo transforms communities by connecting people with places in a way that’s affordable, convenient, inclusive and sustainable.

Our Story

A True BC Original 

We started out like many other co-ops – with an innovative idea, a ton of passion and finding guidance in the seven international co-operative principles. In 1997, we were the first carshare in BC and the second in North America, with a goal to provide our members with great service and best value – while reducing the need for private vehicle ownership. Why? To support an affordable lifestyle and reduce traffic congestion and parking problems. Simply put, to improve the livability of our communities.

More than two decades later, our social purpose remains the same. We’re still about people, not profit. And the need for carsharing is even greater. In the next 20 years, we are expected to welcome another million residents to Metro Vancouver alone. If we don’t change our transportation habits, this will mean another 700 thousand vehicles crowding our streets!

With more than 20,000 members, businesses, developers and municipal partners, Modo’s two-way carshare service continues to have impact. Every Modo removes 9-13 private cars from the roads – an asset that sits idle about 95% of the time and costs the average British Columbian $9,500 a year to own and operate. We advocate that our members walk, cycle, and take public transit whenever they can. And when one needs a vehicle, use a shared vehicle best suited to the nature of the trip. Choose from 700 cars, trucks, SUVs, passenger vans, cargo vans and more.

Our Social Purpose

We are proud to be a co-operative.  In fact, the only carshare co-operative in the municipalities we serve.  We exist to make a difference for our members and the wider community, with a unique Purpose and set of Rules, by connecting people with places in a way that’s affordable, convenient, inclusive and sustainable.  Our intent is to earn just enough to cover our costs and continue to invest in being the best and most purposeful carshare operator in BC.

Modo is a co-operative association amalgamated under the Cooperative Association Act (British Columbia) (the “Act”). We are an association of persons united voluntarily to meet our common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly-owned and democratically-controlled enterprise. In a nutshell, we are substantively different than a profit-seeking corporation.

Modo Team

Leadership Team

  • Ian Boorman

    Director of Finance
  • Patrick Nangle

  • Karen New

    Director of Information Systems
  • Sylvain Celaire

    Business Development Manager
  • Selena McLachlan

    Director of Marketing & Communications
  • Anthony Okuchi

    Director of Fleet Operations
  • Jason Meraw

    Member Care Manager
  • Bernice Paul

    HR and Office Manager

Board of Directors

  • Don Buchanan

  • William Azaroff

  • Laura Beattie

  • Christina Beck

    Vice Chair
  • Arpal Dosanjh

  • Ruth Legg

  • Jasmine Peña

  • Amy Severson

  • Clayton R. Weir



Address & Numbers

Vancouver Office

Suite 200 – 470 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC Canada
V6C 1V5

Office Hours

9am–6pm Mon–Fri
10am–4pm Saturday
Closed Sunday & Holidays

Contact Us
Vancouver 604.685.1393
Victoria Office

2031 Store Street
Victoria, BC Canada
V8T 5L9

Office Hours

9am-5pm Mon, Wed-Friday
8am-4pm Tuesday
Saturday Temporarily Closed
Closed Sun & Holidays

Contact Us
Victoria 250.995.0265
Nanaimo 250.741.4141
Kelowna 250.469.6617
Modo Co-operative
Modo Co-operative
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