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Developer Carsharing Program


Many local developers have introduced carsharing as a way to significantly save on parking related costs (over $150,000 can be saved by adding one Modo) and add tangible value for residents. In addition to improving your bottom line, including Modo in your development adds a financial incentive for buyers and residents by having the additional amenity of a shared vehicle on site.

As a leader in carsharing solutions, we have nearly two decades of experience working with developers and municipalities on building variances and relaxations on parking requirements. Modo is recognized as viable, sustainable transportation option across the Lower Mainland and Victoria, and is the carshare of choice for Bosa Properties, Wall Financial, Westbank and more than 50 other local developers.

8 Steps To Maximize Your investment


  • Recent Metro Vancouver studies show that, on average, residential parking supplies exceed demand by 18–35%. By providing carsharing in most municipalities, you can reduce parking requirements — why build more parking spots than you need?

  • Use the City of Vancouver as an example: including one carshare vehicle can forgo five parking spots. Considering the average construction cost of one spot is about $45,000, that’s about $180,000 saved!

  • Our latest research suggests 88% of people looking to buy a new home see on-site carsharing as a valuable incentive and amenity. By using Modo instead of owning a car (or a second one), our members can save more than $500 per month, which can be put toward financing their new home.

  • We’ve been building and expanding our carsharing network throughout the Lower Mainland and Greater Victoria for almost two decades. In that time, we’ve created lasting relationships with municipalities, developers, architectural firms and property management companies, while helping making their properties more profitable and benefitting their community.

  • Developers working with narrow parking lots, or encountering difficulty with underground parking construction when trying to add stalls see carsharing as an efficient solution to these unique challenges.

  • Each Modo can replace up to 13 personally owned vehicles. Fewer cars in your community leads to safer roads, a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and frees up valuable community space.

  • Choose a vehicle that aligns with your marketing strategy and residential demographics! We have +50 models (including premium and luxury brands) to choose from — and with our purchasing power, you’re sure to get the best deal for your development.

  • LEED recognizes the inclusion of carsharing as part of their green building standard. Modo might be the easiest way to achieve your next level of certification!


  • Contacting Modo in the early stages of your project can help make better, more informed decisions about how to incorporate carsharing into your design, budget, marketing and sales strategy. Our team can collaborate with yours on everything from how many parking stalls you can save, to what kind of vehicle you want.

  • Yes, once our agreement is finalized and the project fee is provided, developers are released from all financial obligations. Modo maintains, insures and absorbs the liabilities associated with the vehicles and administers the carsharing service.

  • Yes! Contact our team and we’ll work with you from signing up for a Modo Business membership, to selecting your make and model — we can even put you in touch with a local expert to wrap and brand your car. With your exclusive Modo, you’ll get all the included benefits like gas, insurance, and local bridge tolls, plus the added bonus of mobile advertising!

  • While they may appear to be similar, these types of carsharing are very different from each other. To make it simple, think of one-way carsharing as a self-serve taxi, while two-way carsharing is a more convenient and affordable rental.

    Modo offers two-way carsharing, which means you pick up and return the vehicle to a home location for a low hourly rate. One-way carsharing — locally provided by Car2Go and Evo — charges a higher hourly rate, takes a car from A to B and can drop it off almost anywhere in their service area. Several studies have proven that two-way carsharing can reduce car ownership, which is why it allows for developer parking relaxations.

How do I get Modo for my development?

Get in touch with our Business Development Manager, Sylvain Celaire, to discuss how to add Modo to your development.

Together, we’ll work out the number of vehicles, the makes and models, provide signage, and sign a letter of support for your development permit. Additionally, our marketing team can collaborate with yours to determine unique resident promotions and the best types of communication.

Sylvain Celaire, Business Development Manager

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